Peter G. Muller

The Man / the Mind

There's so much to say, let's take a step back and rethink our expectations. This website will require a considerable amount of time to develop completely, so please be patient. "He who rushes through life finds death before us all."

Fitness & Peace of Mind

How does this busy man stay fit? How does he work off all those Bloomin' Onions? Filipino stick fighting, Samurai swordsmanship and old-fashioned Goju Ryu. I study at Amato's Karate Academy where I have earned my 5th degree black belt. Having attained that honor, I now plan to concentrate my efforts in the area of Zen meditation and mind-over-body techniques.

Business Aspirations

With all this busy samurai has going on, he still attempts to bolster his humble lifestyle by offering his services to the general public through an entity known as Spearpoint Industries. As low key as it may be, you'll never find a consulting firm that is more dedicated to customer satisfaction than this one.

Scenes from the Family Album

In order to view some of the on-line images surrounding this enigma, link to the Family Photo Album page. Don't expect anything you couldn't show Mom, I'm not that kind of guy!!

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