• Begin with heels together, left hand on saya (scabbard), right hand at side, facing north.

    • With forehand grip, draw sword in semi-circular clockwise motion (sliding the right foot and saya forward at the same time), delivering a butt strike.

    • Slide saya back to reveal blade, left hand slides up to guide the spine of the sword into a rear (southbound) stab.

    • Withdraw into jodan no kame, then shomenuchi to northern attacker (#1).

    • Turn 180o to southern attacker, sliding left foot eastward, delivering modified kesa giri (right to left).

    • Turn 180o back (to north) and stab to the throat.

    • As you withdraw, slide the left foot forward & to the left (northwest), stepping into a high block (tip pointing toward floor).

    • Execute kesa giri (left to right) to attacker #1, reverse your grip and deliver kiri age to same.

    • Finish battle with yoko giri to same opponent.

    • O-chiburi & resheath.


    • Begin in chudan no kamae stance (pointing tip of sword at opponent's throat).

    • Pivot 45o left delivering shomenuchi to attacker #1 (to northwest).

    • Pivot 90o right delivering stab thrust to throat of attacker #2 (to northeast).

    • Withdraw and pivot 90o left delivering modified kesa giri (right to left) to attacker #1.

    • Reverse your grip and deliver kiri age to same.

    • Pivot 90o right delivering shomenuchi to attacker #2.

    • Withdraw to jodan no kamae, pivot 90o left while stepping in with left foot, delivering butt strike to the head of attacker #1.

    • Step back (southeast) with left foot delivering final kesa giri to attacker #1.

    • Step up with left foot performing o-chiburi & resheath.


    • Begin with heels together, right hand on scabbard, left hand at side, facing north.

    • Using underhand grip, step forward with right foot drawing into a horizontal cut across opponent's throat.

    • Step forward with left foot pivoting 180o (facing south in narrow right front stance). Position sword for 2-handed thrust to rear (at right side, parallel to ground, edge down). Left hand will be open on butt.

    • Look over right shoulder, slide right foot to the rear (north) and deliver tsuki (thrust) to abdomen of opponent.

    • Grip sword with left hand and smoothly switch grip of right hand as you swing sword up in a kiri age (right to left) to southern opponent.

    • Deliver final yoko giri to opponent #2.

    • Step up with right foot performing o-chiburi & resheath.